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Breaking Down the Different Types of Golf Bets 

Action Jackson
The 2021 U.S. Open tees off today and if you’re anything like us, you’re thinking one thing – how can I bet on this thing?...
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How to Bet Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren This Saturday Night

Action Jackson
After a long stretch of sports nirvana that included an eventful March Madness and our 2nd Masters in the last 6 months, we’ve reached a...
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Zach to the Rack NBA Picks For Monday 4/12/2021

Zach Selwyn
Zach’s Season Record: 68-60 Twitter: @ZachSelwyn1 Greetings from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I had to get out of the country after last week’s embarrassment. I hate...
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What Bettors Need to Know About Wagering on the Masters

Christopher Gerlacher
The Masters are on Sunday, and there’s a lot to be excited about. Dustin Johnson has a chance to hang onto his lead and win...
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Easy Money Promotions For Tuesday 4/6/2021 

Action Jackson
Like all good things, March Madness has unfortunately come to an end. If you’re like me and lost most of your rent check on Gonzaga...
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How Sportsbooks Can Lose Money During The Masters 

Christopher Gerlacher
Golf isn’t a complicated game. It’s difficult to play well, but it has clear rules and winners. That’s why every state that has legalized sports...
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Omnifantasy – What Is It?

Anthony George
I heard you like fantasy – so we put an NBA fantasy league on your MLB fantasy league on your NFL fantasy league. If you’re...
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9 Tips for Golf Betting

Steven Quezada
Golf betting is an up-and-coming industry in the United States and for good reason. The PGA Tour does not have an “off-season” like other major...
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