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Omnifantasy – What Is It?

Omnifantasy: Fantasy Sports Contest

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I heard you like fantasy – so we put an NBA fantasy league on your MLB fantasy league on your NFL fantasy league. If you’re familiar with Xzibit and his Pimp My Ride show, then that reference will make sense. If not – no worries, we’ll explain the basics of Omnifantasy in this article and you’ll be in the loop.

Omnifantasy – What Is It?

Omnifantasy is a type of fantasy league where owners draft teams from a variety of sports to build their roster. How the hell does that work? Good question. Let’s dive right into it. 

Just like your standard single fantasy league, a snake draft is held for owners to fill their rosters at the beginning of each season. Instead of choosing individual players, teams are chosen instead. An Omnifantasy roster might look something like this:

Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Dodgers
Manchester United
Los Angeles Lakers
Kyle Busch


Unlike your traditional fantasy league, you are not awarded points for players’ individual statistics, but instead, you are awarded points based on how well the entire teams do within their respective sport. The overall goal is to predict which teams you think will win a championship or at least make a deep run for it and draft accordingly. 

Points can be scored in several different ways depending on the type of league. For sports with a playoff structure like the NCAA, NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB, the scoring is as follows:

Championship: 80 Points
Runner-Up: 50 Points
Semifinalist: 30 Points
Quarterfinalist: 20 Points

For sports that don’t follow the playoff structure such as the PGA, Tennis, and NASCAR – they would have their own unique point system. For example, this is how the PGA would be scored.

The PGA is scored on a point system for the five main events played throughout the year. These events would be the U.S. Open, The Masters, The Players Championship, PGA Championship, and The Open Championship. The point system is as follows: 

1st Place: 8 Points
2nd Place: 5 Points
3rd-4th Place: 3 Points
5th-8th Place: 2 Points
9th-16th Place: 1 Point

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Draft Strategies

Drafting is the most important part of any fantasy league. This is especially true for a multi-sport league like Omnifantasy. This is because each sport differs in the number of teams and the competition within these teams. A smart owner may wait on drafting NFL or NBA teams until the later rounds because of how many are available. Having more teams to choose from would make them less valuable because of the variance from year to year. However, in college football, there are only four teams that make the playoffs each year – making the top teams more valuable. Clemson and Alabama would typically be the first two teams taken in a snake draft for this reason. 

Another strategy is to target just one of the sports you are drafting from. Cornering the best two teams in, say, the NFL could pay off huge at the end of the year. If these two teams continue to dominate in their respective sports, it could yield a large number of points. For example, a scenario like this would be if you drafted the Chiefs and the Buccaneers. If the rosters stay the same and nothing else changes, then these teams could be in for a rematch. Of course, the downside would be that your roster would be lacking good teams from other sports.

Other Things To Consider About Omnifantasy

While there are a few basic guidelines to follow, the great thing about Omnifantasy is that it’s totally customizable. A league commissioner can modify and change the rules any way they see fit. Are the owners only interested in the NFL and NBA? So be it. Do you want to implement your own scoring system? Go ahead. In fact, most Omnifantasy tracking is done via personal Excel spreadsheets. I have yet to find a platform such as DraftKings or FanDuel to host this type of fantasy sports system.

Depending on the types of sports you decide to draft, a typical Ominifantasy league will last an entire calendar year. What makes this a refreshing concept is that once owners draft – that’s pretty much it. There are no injury scares or choosing which player to start or sit. 

If you can handle the slight learning curve of Omnifantasy, then you’ll become addicted to it like all of us at The Odds Factory. Now that you have a leg up on your competition – keep it rolling and check out our other advice articles from our Gambling 101 section.

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