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The Biggest Mistakes Rookie Sports Gamblers Make

Action Jackson
Welcome to the life of a sports gambler. What was once a taboo in America has become more and more normalized, as nearly half the...
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How to Break Out of a Gambling Slump 

Action Jackson
The dreaded gambling slump. I get a shiver just thinking about it. No matter how good of a bettor you think you are or how...
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Smart Money NHL Picks For Thursday 5/6/2021

Anthony George
Anthony’s NHL Record: 19-11 Anthony’s Twitter: @AJGIII07 I. AM. BACK. With another perfect week in the books – I don’t know why I ever doubt myself....
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Smart Money MLB Picks For Monday 4/26/2021

Lobo Grande
Lobo’s Twitter: @Lobo___Grande Minnesota Twins @ Cleveland Indians: Under 8 (-114) The Minnesota Twins head to Cleveland tonight for the start of a three-game series...
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Biggest Betting Wins and Losses From the Opening Rounds of March Madness

Action Jackson
Once again, after a wild opening two rounds of March Madness, not a single perfect bracket remains across all of America. In fact, there has...
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Action Jackson Gambling Diary Vol. 8: Big, Basic, Bets

Action Jackson
Follow along as I, your friend Action Jackson, dip the pen every week here at The Odds Factory and try to make enough money gambling...
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How to Capitalize on IF and Reverse Bets

Anthony George
If you’re one of those rare sports bettors that actually stick to bankroll management – IF and Reverse Bets might be perfect additions to your...
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How to Bet the Super Bowl Novelty Props

Anthony George
Super Bowl LV is only a week away. While Bucs and Chiefs fans anxiously await to see whether or not their team becomes world champions...
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Prop to the Top: How to Spice Up Your Super Bowl With Prop Bets

Doc Greenfield
Want to spice up your Super Bowl without having to crush up habaneros in the guacamole? Super Bowl Prop Bets!!!!! If you’re a grizzled veteran...
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My New Year’s Gambling Resolutions

Anthony George
A new year signifies a fresh start for a lot of people. Some might have a resolution to lose a little weight, stop acting on...
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