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How to Spot an Upset

Christopher Gerlacher
Unexpected winners are frustrating for sports bettors who prefer to play it safe. Bettors can feel duped by the hype that informed their wagers. However,...
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The NFL Has Ended – Now What Should I Bet On?

Anthony George
It’s a bittersweet moment for any NFL gambler. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl was the climax of the betting season, but now...
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Action Jackson Gambling Diaries Vol. 3: The NBA Is Rigged

Action Jackson
Welcome to the third installment of the Action Jackson Gambling Diaries. Every Tuesday, I’ll be dipping the pen to track my betting performance and slowly...
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Silk Sheets and Million Dollar Watches: Why Poirier Will Surprise McGregor (and the World) on Saturday Night

Action Jackson
Besides janitor at a strip club, professional fighter might be the most demanding, least desirable job of all time. Sure, if you’re at the very...
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Easy Money Promos for NBA, NFL Playoff, and UFC 257 Action For 1/21/2021

Action Jackson
This weekend is shaping up to be massive for degenerates everywhere. On Saturday, we have a full slate of college hoops, followed by the long-awaited...
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Action Jackson Gambling Diaries Vol. 2: Power of the Parlay

Action Jackson
For those who missed last week, I’ll be dipping the pen every Tuesday here at The Odds Factory with a weekly gambling diary, tracking my...
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